How Sex Cam Websites Work

Sex cam websites are platforms where adults can find sexual entertainment and pleasure. Unlike pornographic sites, sex cam sites do not feature people engaging in actual sexual activity. Instead, a model performs erotic sexual acts for a paying client. In fact, serious and professional cam sites have girls and men who are dressed. They only shed clothes in private chat sessions.

When visitors log into the website, they can see short profiles of the models therein. A person clicks on the profile of a desirable model and asks him or her for a private chat. Depending on the level of a customer’s membership, the model can perform erotic scenes live at the request of the visitor.


The basic level in many sex cam sites is a free arrangement where a non-paying client logs in and accesses model videos. Here, new users have to provide details of a credit card for the website to verify their ages.

The only drawback is the fact that most videos accessed by free members are limited. A person only has the luxury to chat with a model privately. This is often to entice the client to upgrade his or her membership level.

A premium level is usually impressive as clients have access to most of the girls and boys. Clients can request the models to do erotic scenes but not necessarily sexual activity. In most websites, users will be notified when their favorite model goes online and is motivated to initiate a private chat.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of web cams is the fact that the models come from different backgrounds and nationalities. For this reason, one can find white, black, tall, short, plump and thin models.

Examples of the models’ races include Asian, American, British, Indian, Japanese, African, Chinese, Thai and Latino among others. Generally, users can take advantage of models from all sizes, colors, shapes and personalities. Other categories are blonde, brunette and teen among others.

Different girls and boys

People looking for various types of sexual entertainment can only find it in professional sex cam sites. While most of the cam girls and boys are straight, some are lesbian and gay. One can also find group sex models that perform erotic acts such as orgies and group sex.

When users first come across a model or a group of models, they watch short teaser clips that encourage them to access the free chat room. Users usually pay higher for the girls to perform people’s fantasies and fetishes.


The studio is a fully furnished home where the models’ lounge is connected to a user’s computer via internet and video. As long as a user has stable internet connection and a webcam computer, they are good to go.

Unlike a porn site where users download free content, users of live sex cam sites can only watch videos online. People love cam sites because of the personal touch that they introduce. It is like having a favorite musician perform live for a person. In fact, most girl sites have a VIP level where users have access to the most beautiful and curvaceous girls.


External marketers like to take advantage of the huge number of people who access sex cam websites on a daily basis. They pay the website and webmasters to have advertisements of their products placed in strategic places of the website. Through affiliate marketing, the webmaster makes money while the advertiser gains a platform to market products and services. Affiliate sites also drive traffic to sex cam websites to earn their commission.

According to, a service that measures the audiences of a website, is one of the leading sites as far as traffic base is concerned. In a good month, the site attracts almost 28 million visitors. Other leading sites include and

Profit Models

Users enjoy exclusive videos and live performances at a specified fee per minute. Girls are encouraged to keep the users glued to their screens. From this, models make a decent cut. Therefore, models that started this trade a long time ago are now rich.

The amount that a model can make depends on a number of things-how long an individual model works in a day, their attractiveness and level of performances. The more erotic the performance, the higher the model actually earns. While some models can make a few dollars in a day, some of the highest earning models take home hundreds of dollars daily.

The rest of the money goes to the webmasters and owners of the sex cam website. Webmasters spend a substantial amount in advertising, marketing and maintaining the website. They know that many people in the world are looking for sexual thrill.

Payment Options

Different sex cam sites have different arrangements for payment. While some have a per-minute payment option, others offer a monthly subscription where users have unlimited access to the models of their choice. In addition, some sites bill the users according to the acts that individual models perform.

Another advantage is the fact that all reputable sex cam sites accept leading international credit cards. Examples are Visa, American Express, PayPal and MasterCard among others. Users usually convert money into points for accessing specific model videos.

Some webmasters like to motivate clients by extending discounts to their most loyal ones. Here, a person accumulates additional points especially after watching models for a long time. The points can be converted to credit.


As a rule of the thumb, all models in professional cam sites have to be at least 18 years old, including teen models. The same applies for visitors who log in to the websites. It is an offence to enroll an underage model. Since the platforms are online, it is tricky for law enforcement officers to find culprits who break the laws.

Users are not supposed to reveal the identities of the models they come across in sex cam websites. At the same time, models are bound by ethical regulations not to reveal the identities of their clients.

Clients should not have physical contact with the model. If this happens, the provisions of the website where the model belongs do not bind their physical meeting. Failure to observe the regulations can have a client suspended for a certain period or banned permanently.